what’s good.

In the 9 months since my last blog post, I could have done so many things… I could have starred in a couple of movies. I could have infiltrated a pack of wolves and, with my winning charm, convinced them to adopt me as one of their own.. I could have fallen into a terrible downward spiral, broken some laws, done some time and recently reemerged, ready to be a productive member of society again. I could have had bacon. I could have had a kid.

Yeah, none of that happened.

The time seemed to fly by so quickly that, at first thought, I couldn’t recall much happening at all. However, my calendar and my camera roll I reminded me that I’ve actually done and seen some things after all.

I only want to talk about good things today. That’s cool, right?

Since September 28, 2015, I:

…traveled to 11 cities for work.

…had my happiest birthday in a really long time.

…improved my winged eyeliner skills enough to finally wear it in public.

…reaped theΒ  benefits of open-mindedness.

…discovered the magic of New Orleans through food, history and a little supernatural adventure.

…ate dim sum at a brunch.

…assembled a dream team with my current psychologist and psychiatrist.

…survived a snow storm.

…kissed someone passionately while ascending in a glass hotel elevator.

…shook off some of the nonsense that was covering up the real me.

…shared one of my favorite cities with my younger sister for her birthday.

…developed a fascination with bats.

…learned that I have more allies than I could have ever imagined.

…cruised to the Caribbean.

…cut my hair. I think it’s cute.

So between all of that and the myriad of things I never got around to telling you about last summer, I guess I’ve got some things to blog about, huh? Stay tuned.




7 thoughts on “what’s good.

  1. Great post and list of accomplishments! Passionate kisses are good πŸ™‚ Eyeliner skills…I’m envious as I have ‘no makeup skills’ at all! And I think bats are pretty cool too πŸ™‚


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