Lend me your zen?

09282015 lend me your zen

Will you lend me your zen?
I’m bereft and appalled!
Is it part of an upgrade? Was it pre-installed?

A piece of your peace;
That’s all I’m requesting.
Don’t need it full-time; take it back when I’m resting.

Make me a mantra!
I’ll chant whateva.
I just need the words, phrases, timing, et cetera.

Teach me to meditate!
Please, just be sweet.
Don’t laugh when I ultimately fall asleep.

You wanna do yoga?
I’ll probably fall.
At least I can say that I tried after all.

Help me help myself.
My aura is wretched.
I’d love to repair it, but don’t have a method…

– Lew


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