Periscope: See the world from your sick bed!

09082015 Periscope, i like you

I was under the weather about a month ago… it was the kind of sick where staying in bed was my only option for a few days. While I’m the biggest homebody I know, even I reach a certain point where bed rest becomes tiresome. I wasn’t in the mood to write, my eyes had grown tired of reading, I’d caught up on all of my TV shows and podcasts, and scrolling through the endless options of movies to stream was giving me anxiety.

A prisoner in my own bed, I began to wonder what the rest of the world was up to… and that’s when I decided to see what the Periscope app was about.

Suddenly, I was jumping continents and watching life unfold in real time. From the extraordinary to the mundane, I loved it all. Even though I was trapped at home, I found solace in the fact that other people weren’t.

I don’t know why I find Periscope so compelling. Some of the travel stuff that I like to watch has been captured elsewhere in much better resolution. I suppose it’s the people behind the content and the viewers commenting on the scenery that makes watching seem more personal.

Between the live streams and the replay videos, I’ve found some interesting people to follow. Here are some screenshots from some of the folks that I’m digging on Periscope:

  • Giulio Base (@giuliobase) – This Italian actor & director has been dubbed the King of Periscope. I’ve enjoyed his broadcasts on the beach in Cannes, from a Circus themed dinner show in Monte Carlo and walking through Florence. His carefree attitude and love for life really draw me in.
(via @giuliobase) So, who's going to Florence with me?
(via @giuliobase) So, who’s going to Florence with me?
  • Donna Wiederkehr (@RwandaDonna) – Donna lives in NYC and is dedicated to helping orphaned and abandoned children in Rwanda through an organization called New Hope Homes. She used Periscope to share her recent trip to Rwanda, which was one of several visits that she makes every year. The children she works with are adorable. They usually don’t see their reflection, so sometimes while Donna was on Periscope she let the kids see themselves via the front facing camera on her phone. Their squeals of delight melted my heart every single time.
(via @rwandadonna) My reaction to these adorable kiddos = proof that I have a heart after all
(via @rwandadonna) My reaction to these adorable kiddos = proof that I have a heart after all
  • Revbeej (@Revbeej) – I don’t know Rev’s real name, but I do know from his profile that he’s a vet tech & animal lover in Texas. He’s most popular for his videos where he hand feeds hummingbirds, which is what caught my attention. I can’t get enough of watching these cute little creatures flit and flicker across the screen or hearing the buzz of their wings. The hummingbirds are about to migrate to South America for the winter, but when they’re gone Revbeej will still have other animals to scope (like his “naughty chickens”) and he’ll continue to share his geocaching adventures.
  • Mike Tends to Travel (@MTendsToTravel) – Mike is an American journalist working in China. He tends to travel. Thanks to him, I got a great look at the famed Terracotta Warriors.
  • Agent Provocateur (@TheMissAP) – The international lingerie brand’s “Shopgirl Takeover” series features a different store and employee each week to highlight their product line. Thanks to their tutorials, I’ve learned how to  do all kinds of grown woman things, like lace my own corset- a fact that I will keep tucked away in the deep recesses of my mind in the event that one day I do, in fact, own a corset. Or who knows? Perhaps I’ll encounter someone who needs help with theirs. I’m all about helping people.
(via @themissap)  I watch their feed for purely educational purposes.
(via @themissap) Educational.
  • Black Mom in Vietnam (@KiaTheNailDiva)Kia is a math genuis & supermom from the US who moved to Hanoi, Vietnam a couple of months ago to teach math at an international school. She talks about adjusting to her new life & gives great resources for educators. Most importantly, because of her I know how to say “I like mango,” in Vietnamese, so I’m basically ready to move there myself.
  • Jonathan JK Morris (@Jonathanjk) – Jonathan does several scopes a day from Hong Kong. Through his walking tours and interviews, I’ve learned a lot about the city and culture there.
  • Penguin Six (@PenguinSix) – Another Hong Kong Periscoper. Tune in to this account for daily walking tours of the city and Victoria Peak in Hong Kong. It’s interesting to see the city through a second person’s eyes. I actually follow a couple of other people in HK, too. It’s definitely on my list of places to visit before I expire.
(via @penguinsix) A morning view from The Peak
(via @penguinsix) A morning view from The Peak
  • Orion (@Orion) – Scoping from London, Orion gives excellent walking tours of the sights worth seeing.
  • Tony by Mr. Matthews (@bymrmatthews) – My longstanding desire to go to Amsterdam is constantly fueled by Tony’s tours of the city and it’s cultural offerings. Here’s a shot from his coverage of Sail 2015, a tall ship festival.
(@bymrmatthews) I'd love to have my own pirate ship.
(@bymrmatthews) Adding “pirate ship” to my holiday wishlist…
  • Tiffany Davis-Carson (@MochaGlamMom) – Tiffany is my homegirl. I’m convinced that she just might be superwoman. As single mother of 5, she blogs about the rollercoaster of motherhood and gives DIY life and style tips. She’s actually the one who recommended Periscope to me. Thanks, girl!
(via @mochaglammom) Somebody was curious about who Mommy was talking to
(via @mochaglammom) Somebody wanted some of mommy’s camera time
  • Mr Gousman (@Chopfire) – Gerard is a tastemaker and one of my best friends. He’s based in Portland and he’s always doing something cool. The very first video I ever watched on Periscope was his broadcast from a day party that I clearly should have been attending. Since then, I’ve virtually tagged along while he went to an Indian Festival and a Monster Drawing Rally.
(via @chopfire) Monster Drawing Festival
(via @chopfire) Monster Drawing Rally

There are so many other fascinating accounts on Periscope. If you want more recommendations, check out my profile on the app and see who else I’m following. My account is @NathenaLewis, but I haven’t broadcast anything yet. Later this year I’ll start traveling again for work, so I might be moved to Periscope my travels if I end up going somewhere remarkable. No promises, though.

– Lew


14 thoughts on “Periscope: See the world from your sick bed!

  1. Thank you so much for the love! I just modified one of my tripods to hold my iPhone and I have some great DIY scopes coming soon 😁. I’m so glad you’re enjoying Periscope and getting out into the world via the comforts of your bed.

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  2. What a handy list — thanks for sharing these accounts that you’ve enjoyed.

    Suddenly, I was jumping continents and watching life unfold in real time. From the extraordinary to the mundane, I loved it all. Even though I was trapped at home, I found solace in the fact that other people weren’t.

    So well said. Great way to draw people into your post.

    Liked by 1 person

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