Jeremiah Tatum: Rest in Peace

Yesterday, my 2nd cousin made an angelic transition.

Jeremiah Tatum jazzfest

Jeremiah Tatum was a professional dancer who entertained audiences across the globe. The Los Angeles native began his dance training at the age of 9 as a scholarship student at the Lula Washington Dance Theatre and later became a part of their touring company and teaching staff. He also joined the Alvin Ailey Contemporary Dance Theatre as their youngest member. His long list of professional credits include such notable shows as the Broadway and touring companies of The Lion King  (source) .

I never got a chance to meet Jeremiah.  Every time I was in LA, he was somewhere else being amazing.  I loved it when my great aunt Betty told me stories about Jeremiah’s career and showed me newspaper clippings, photos and programs featuring her beloved grandson.  I followed his career from afar and always thought that it was so cool that there was another performer in my family who was so successful in the entertainment business.

Jeremiah Tatum armor

I want to share a video with you. This is a excerpt from “FREEDOM,” a contemporary piece that Jeremiah performed in 2012. I love that it encapsulates his strength, technique and artistry.  With no music, his breath, steps, movement and the audience’s reaction provide the perfect soundtrack. Enjoy.

Video Credit: Excerpt from FREEDOM, part 3 of “Portraiture: Stories in Jazz.” JazzAntiqua Dance Ensemble and Brian Swartz & the Gnu Sextet, June 9, 2012 at the Nate Holden Performing Arts Center, Los Angeles. Choreography: Pat Taylor, Jeremiah Tatum, Lady Walquer. Lighting Design: Leigh Allen. Presented in association with Ebony Repertory Theatre.

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16 thoughts on “Jeremiah Tatum: Rest in Peace

  1. I did attend the luncheon for his grandmother, my cousin, but I just missed the performance. However, I got a chance to see Jeremiah one last time. This child was so talented and full of life. Our cousin’s art will live forever, but he will be missed!

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    1. I’m so glad that you got to see him one last time. My mother was at the luncheon, too. My heart breaks for everyone who was there and for all of our family and his friends who are mourning. Much love to you, Cousin Pat. ❤


  2. Thank you for writing this wonderful tribute about Jeremiah. He could FLY literally!! When he hit the stage ALL eyes were on him. He was flawless, his movements, his body language was more than AWESOME! Dancing was like easy breathing to him…so natural and beautiful. When he walked into a room even after the performances, you just knew he had the grace or a seasoned, well-trained and talented dancer. HE KNEW he had IT and IT showed every time he performed. What’s even better, he was gracious, humble and loving. He always embraced me and was thankful that I attended the event. He would share what was next with him and would always say, “stay in touch!” I was fortunate to be asked by the Artistic Director/Founder of JazzAntiqua, Pat Taylor, to promote a couple of the shows that he performed in. These shows were STANDING ROOM only in Los Angeles!!! So glad he touched my life and I his in some way through our entertainment connection. God be with his Family and we will forever miss Jeremiah. He is now an Angel FLYING in Heaven.

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  3. What a beautiful, loving and talented human being. I was so proud to have him in one of my productions. I will be forever awed by his wonderful gift and his incandescent spirit. Rest in peace my dear friend.

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  4. Went to the Celebration of Life last night, and you could feel Jeremiah’s spirit as the dancers performed. The performances that I saw were awesome.

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  5. Absolutely beautiful and breathtaking tribute!! Jeremiah was a very special and long time friend of mine. We shared a stages, studios and experiences together and made sure we spoke whenever possible. I’m just getting back to NYC from spending few days out in LA, performing in his honor, supporting loved ones and embracing some for myself as well. Very difficult time. Yet, joyous because we all knew he lived a very full and beautiful life! Please come check out my blog: I wrote a letter to him, after news of his passing.

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