The Bliss Magnet Manifesto. Or not.

Holy crap, this blog is happening… For better or for worse, it is HERE.

Rather than spend another second agonizing about what my “point of view” as a blogger is or what type of “brand” I’m supposed to be (because in all honesty, both concepts make me want to gag) I’ve decided to just start writing and posting and see what develops from there.

Hello, dear reader. I’m Lew. I live in Central Florida. I’m a performer.  I’m a lesbian (6/15/16 edit: I think the word “queer” is a better fit for me.) I’m clinically depressed.

So how exactly does that make me a Bliss Magnet?  It doesn’t.  My blog’s title isn’t a description of my inherent nature, but it’s a declaration of what I strive to be. To combat the aforementioned depression, I’ve been on a mission to discover, attract and enjoy what makes me sublimely happy.

Fortunately, I get to do some traveling for work. Learning about new places and seeing new things on the road is a major factor in my happiness, so I’d like to use this blog to catalog stories and photos from my travels- not necessarily to show off as much as to remind myself of what I’ve been able to do and to motivate myself to keep exploring on those days when it’s difficult to get out of the fetal position.

I’ve been kicking around some other ideas… there’s some personal stuff that I could write about, there’s some DIY projects that I could cover, maybe some recipes I’d like to try… we’ll see.

The jury’s out on whether I’ll be posting much about my own career, but I would like to highlight other women who are in the entertainment industry or just doing things that I find fascinating.

Honestly, who knows?  A year from now this whole thing could evolve into one of those blogs where I only review the finest, most expensive No. 2 pencils or something.  I’ll need some time to get my bearings and find my direction… until then, keep your minds open and your expectations low!

– Lew

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11 thoughts on “The Bliss Magnet Manifesto. Or not.

  1. I really liked your post! its casual and your voice comes through easily. I especially liked your ending haha This is what a first post should be, musings on what it could be with a kind of frivolous tone. I am interested to see further posts!

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  2. Welcome to the daunting yet liberating world of blogging lol. I love your literary voice and candid approach. Keep pushing forward there’s no doubt your title will evolve from an affirmation into fruition.

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  3. Hahaha, as much as we deny it, we all secretly dream of becoming a blogger who gets sponsored to review the finest things don’t we? Still, I am hoping the biggest gain from blogging is finding myself and my happiness. Good luck with becoming a true bliss magnet, Lew!

    If you have the chance, please do check out my first (long form, sorry for that) blogging101 post too:

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  4. I Love this Lew!! I too am looking for that “Happiness’ thing. Read way too many books on how to be “happy” and constantly wonder about why it seems easier to be sad than happy. Studied some “brain” stuff and as a psychology major you would think I would have this figured out!! Reading your posts make my happy, so i guess we have started something now haven’t we!! Cheers, Anita

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    1. Well, hearing that you’re happy makes me happy, so we’re really on a roll now! Thanks so much for reading & commenting. I find your blog delightful and look forward to reading more from you 😊


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