Lights On

Sometimes I get so used to being in the dark that I don’t know how to act when the lights come on. Having adapted to navigating the spaces around me by tentatively feeling my way around, limbs outstretched, moving slowly so as not to inadvertently knock something over or hurt myself, it takes some adjusting when … More Lights On

what’s good.

In the 9 months since my last blog post, I could have done so many things… I could have starred in a couple of movies. I could have infiltrated a pack of wolves and, with my winning charm, convinced them to adopt me as one of their own.. I could have fallen into a terrible … More what’s good.

Lend me your zen?

Will you lend me your zen? I’m bereft and appalled! Is it part of an upgrade? Was it pre-installed? A piece of your peace; That’s all I’m requesting. Don’t need it full-time; take it back when I’m resting. Make me a mantra! I’ll chant whateva. I just need the words, phrases, timing, et cetera. Teach me to meditate! … More Lend me your zen?


My anxiety isn’t as much of a debilitating problem now as it has been in the past, but it can still rear its ugly head in certain situations. Apparently, visiting a Starbucks is one such occasion. I don’t frequent the chain very often and, as a result, I’m not as comfortable as those who get … More STRESSBUCKS.

Keys to Nowhere

Recently Danielle, who blogs as The Thought Card did a “What’s in Your Bag?” post. In her entry, titled A Bag Lady on Occasion, she detailed the contents of her bag & then asked her readers to share the weirdest thing in theirs. My bags are always filled with unexpected things, so I eagerly searched through the medium-sized crossbody … More Keys to Nowhere


Dear Mr. Boyd: You were the highlight of my stop at the Breckenridge Welcome Center in May. The building was about to close and I was grateful for a chance to walk through and glance at some of the history displays. I wish that I knew your story. Your menacing scowl caught my attention and, to this day, all I have are … More Cleophus


Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday. – Don Marquis I’m a big fan of that quote. As someone who always seems to be perpetually behind, it makes me feel less ashamed about my dysfunction. I mean, look at that choice of words… procrastination is an ART. A specialized skill. A talent that needs to … More Redefined.

The Write Time

If I were merely a night owl, life would be so much easier but, no… I had to be born nocturnal. I’m thoroughly convinced that I was made to live my life after dark. There’s an energy in the air at 4 am that makes me feel more alive than I could ever be at noon. … More The Write Time

Tales from the Crypt

September 9, 2015 was a milestone date for me. It was exactly 11 years from the day that I was assaulted. When it happened, it nearly destroyed me. For years I was an absolute wreck. My existing predisposition towards depression became a constant cloud of darkness that suffocated me day and night. I didn’t trust the world … More Tales from the Crypt